Rev. Steve Bunting

Rev. Steve Bunting

Hi, I’m Steve, and I have been the Vicar over in the Eastside since 2014.  I was born in Manchester in 1981 and moved to Swansea in 1999.  I have spent the majority of my working life in finance, working for HSBC, Household Bank and Citifinancial in Swansea.  After becoming a Christian, I realised I could no longer work in finance because of the ethical conflicts and I began training for ordination in Cardiff in 2009.  During my training I undertook placements in

– St Aldates Church Oxford
– St Pauls, Newport
– St Pauls, Sketty
– St Barnabas, Waunarllydd
– Swansea Prison
– Morriston Hospital Chaplaincy Department
– St Peters, Cape Town, South Africa.


Following on from my ordination in 2012, I served two years in All Saints Church, Oystermouth before moving to St Thomas in 2014.  I am passionately committed to serving Jesus and His church in this fantastic place and I am currently part of the CPAS Arrow Leadership Programme.   Part of my week is also spent enabling other Anglican churches across a wider area to engage with children, families and young people; something I am very passionate about!

I am planning my own wedding to Rachel, who is also a church leader in St Athan and I have been blessed with three amazing children, Ryan, Katy-Grace and Sam!

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