St Thomas Tang Soo Do


What is Tang Soo Do ?

it’s a Korean Martial Art that develops a person’s , strength, speed, co-ordination,balance, concentration, inter personal skills and ability to defend ones self.

What will I learn?

Blocks, punches, kicking, forms, self-defence, sparring , weapons and most of all, how to have fun

where are the classes ?

St Thomas Church Hall
Lewis St
St Thomas

What time?

Mondays and Thursdays

Specialist children’s class tigers ( age 4-6 years)- 6pm
Dragons class (age 7-12 years) 6pm – 7pm
Adults classs (13 years +) 7pm – 8pm

Fees ?

class fees are
£4.00 per class, per person with a discount for families.
£2.50  for tigers

after 4 weeks TTF membership is required, the cost is £20, this also covers insurance, TTF,  badge and a grade manual.


for more information

Aaron Nicolas

mobile : 07827976657

or have a look at the website