Weekly events at our Parish

St Thomas Church Hall 14:30,
We have our Wives Group. This is a group of older ladies who meet together to share fellowship, play games, listen to speakers and support each other.  New members always welcome!
Our St Stephens Church Service  is at 11:30, followed by a free community meal.
We have our food bank  open at St Stephens Church  between 2.30 and 4pm and if you need a little help please contact us on 07815 534095
We have our afternoon mother and toddlers group at 13:00 in St Thomas Church Hall on Lewis St
We have a Bereavement group called Honey Suckle at  St Thomas Church Hall 10:00- 12:00. This is a chance for people to have fun, play games, go on trips and be with others who have been bereaved either recently or long ago.
We have our Mother and Toddlers Group at St Stephen’s Church at 9.00 am, new members are always welcome, come and let your children play while you have a cup of tea.
We have our St Stephen’s Service at 10.00,

Everyone is welcome to come along to any of our weekly events, you will be warmly greeted.